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Baby Blue Mastini

Meet Our Boys
Ch. Baby Blue's Andretti
Frozen Semen

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These are our current on photo for further info and pedigree information. 

 We offer  limited  fresh chilled and fresh semen

stud service to select bitches.  

Please call us to discuss our stud fee and contract.

Our Past Males

Past males that have made a tremendous contribution to us.  We have been in this breed for more than 30 years and although we love all our dogs, past and present some have just made a mark on our breeding program and reputation for life.

CH Baby Blue's Andretti  ........... we have limited frozen semen and look forward to using it in the future.  We have some really interesting plans.   He has sired  many champions and has really been a exceptional reproducer. Click on his photo for more informationa and pictures.  His semen is $5000.00  plus shipping costs

Baby Blue's Freeload'n'Freddie past due to aspiration pneumonia. This boy was a gentle big lovable bear and we miss him dearly.Int Ch Hercules del Saratoga was the absolute in mastini perfection as far as looks and temperment goes but unfortunately he was very ill and we discovered he was in congestive heart failure and was diagnosed just 26 days after his arrival in Canada. He had 23 BIS.Ultimo de la Bahia recently passed due to secumbing to a second bout of lymes disease.
Baby Blue's Bravo passed away late 2006 at the age of 14 years. He was featured in the movie "Meet Prince Charming" with Tia Carrerre.Ch La Tutela Cosmo added some wonderful type to our breeding program. He is the sire of both Ch Baby Blue's Madrid and Ch Baby Blue's Andretti. 
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