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Please research this breed thoroughly before purchasing and never buy any breed from a pet store.  Find a breeder that you can develop a relationship with.   Ask to see the parents and other siblings of your new puppy.    Here we have the parents, grandparents and some of the great grandparents.    As you can see we take great pride in exhibiting our dogs. Many breeders claim to have "champions" or "champions lines" as a puppy buyer it is important to ask to see championship certificates and to question what exactly  has the actual parents of your puppy  accomplished.  Many breeders that have never shown a Neapolitan Mastiff in any dog show, yet they advertise "show quality",  In Canada  and United States of America this breed has been allowed to exhibit in the C.K.C. and A.K.C. show rings.   The costs of exhibiting is quite high but so is the cost of purchasing a puppy in this breed.  So ask lots of questions and be sure that you are satisfied with the answers. 

Ch Terra di Orsi Maya  16 months finishing under judge Fred Peddie

also taking Best of Winners at National specialty under Judge Donna Conod

Ch Baby Blue's Icon finished as a puppy  really good natured and loves to show.  Pictured with peewee Junior Handler Stewart Reed. Also taking Best of Opposite Sex at national specialty and best puppy under judge Donna Conod

AKC Ch Baby Blue's Glamazon of Sherwood  

owned by Sherry Deans and Kip Boullion

GCh J-Lo dello Coraggioso Cuore

Ch. Baby Blue's Falcone  just 14 months finishing under Judge Len Harfield.

J-Lo Dello Coraggioso Cuore  Just imported from Brazil May 5th 2016  is a new Canadian Champion July 2nd 2016  at the age of just 7 months and now is the youngest Neapolitan Mastiff Champion in Canada.  She has several points towards her Grand  Champion title.  Bred by Naara Monteiro.  Owned by Baby Blue Kennels

Ch Baby Blue's Foxy Piper   She is only 8.5 months old and a CKC Champion, youngest Neapolitan Champion in Canada. 

GCH. Baby Blue's Rogue   completing her grand championship under respected judge Mr. James Reynolds at the Chemedy Kennel Club in Terrebonne Quebec.

 She has  finished her regular championship with 2 group 4ths and a group 3rd.

Ch Baby Blue's Sultan  finishing showing  at Markham Kennel Club

under Judge Judi Elford

Ch.  Baby Blue's Rogue  finishing under Judge Elaine Whitney

16 months with a group 3rd  under Judge Martin Doherty

and a group 4th under judge Katherine Grant

Ch. Baby Blue's Barney Rubble finishing under Judge Michael Hill

at 16 months

Ch.Justa Gigalo Assisi
Ch.Justa Gigalo Assisi

Ch Justa Gigalo Assisi earned  his Canadian Championship title  under Judge Mike MacBeth.  Thank you Assisi Molosser in Germany for this wonderful male. Gigalo has sired GCH. Baby Blue's Rogue, CH. Baby Blue'd Barney Rubble and CH. Baby Blue's Sultan.

CH BABY BLUE'S LUDACRIS  pictured at 17 months finishing under Judge Richard Paquette at the Ontario Breeders Dog Show February 17th,   2013.

Ch. Baby Blue's Anarchy finished her championship under judge Kim LeBlanc at  She finished with several group placements. the Limestone Kennel Club.

CH Cheadeaux's Hpnotio has just completed in C.K.C.  championship under judge    Mrs. L. Bett.    We  look forward to having her show us what she can produce in the whelping box.

AKC/CKC Champion Baby Blue's Trinity  finishing at the USNMC REGIONAL SPECIALTY  taking home Best of Winners.  We are very proud of her.

Ch Baby Blue's Xpresso pictured here with judge Joe Lobb winning Group 3rd at the Sudbury District Kennel Club.

Ch Gemine di Seporionato finishing under Mr. Ed Bivin at the Limestone Kennel Club

CH. Baby Blue's Trinity finishing under judge Mr. Butch MacDonald and handled by Tracy Muth at the Kawartha Kennel Club.

Ch. Baby Blue's Dominica  championed with all majors and was handled by 11 year old Junior Handler Morgan Bailey.  She is out of Runestone's Grimoire and Baby Blue's Mia.

Ch. Baby Blue's Malibou Barbie Canadian Kennel Club Champion.  She is out of Ch. Baby Blue's Andretti and Ch. Baby Blue's Madrid.

New  A.K.C. Champion   Baby Blue's Madrid.  We are very proud of our girl.  She finished in 3 shows.  We would like to thank the judges.  We are very proud to announce that Ch. Baby Blue's Madrid is ranked #3 in the A.K.C. as of September 15th, 2006. 

We are thrilled to announce that CH. Baby Blue's Madrid is the very first C.K.C. Champion since the breed's recent recognition!  Our Madrid is also the first dual A.K.C./ C.K.C.  dual champion.  A huge thank you goes out to Thomas Curley and Chelsea Bell for their expert handling.  Thank you to all the judges.  Pictured above is C.K.C. judge Carmen Haller.

. Ch.  Baby Blue's Eye Candy  finishing with two group 1st wins under judges Keke Kahn and Sue Ellen Remple.  She earned her Championship title just days after her first birthday.  Candy is a daughter of Can/Am CH. Baby Blue's Madrid and C.F.C./C.M.A.  CH. Baby Blue's Andretti.   We are very proud of our girl and are hopeful that she will do as well in the A.K.C. showrings this fall. 

Can/Am Ch. Odissea del Castellaccio has become an  A.K.C. and C.K.C.  Champion.  She is owned by Baby Blue Kennels, she was bred by Salvadore Scherma of the famous Castellaccio Kennels in Italy.  We are forever grateful to Salvadore for sending us this beautiful bitch. 

Ch. Baby Blue's Stoneybrook Santino  is our newest A.K.C. Champion  at 16 months of age.  He is the first Neapolitan Mastiff to Champion in the state of Minnesota.  He is owned by Frank Podgorski and Randy Miller.  He finished in just 3 shows. We look forward to seeing  Santino in 2 years when he is  mature.

CH. Baby Blue's Tongo completed his C.K.C.  championship under judge Dave Paterson at the TRIO Kennel Club.  Tongo is a son of Igor Del Alta Fiumara and Luxor's Kira, and he owned and very much loved by the Johnstone Family and handled by son Stephen.   The Johnstone's are planning to venture into the obedience rings this fall and Tongo is working on his C.D.  obedience title.

 Ch. Baby Blue's Bambina at 14 months old, finishing under Judge Phylis Wolfish with a group placement.  Affectionately called "BAMBI"  out of Ch Baby Blue's Andretti and CKC/AKC Ch Baby Blue's Madrid.   We have some awesome breeding plans for "Bambi" for Spring 2007.    She will be bred to Aceto Dello Stradone.

Ch. Baby Blue's Andretti    He is out of Ch. Latutela's Cosmo and Ch. Tibet Gyongye Greta.  He has sired many champions.

Ch Hercules del Saratoga   #1 ranked dog in Latin America all breeds in  2007.  He was Champion of Canadian / Latin Americas / Venezuela / Columbia / Argentina / Uruguay.

Ch. Boxcar's Acapella  multi Best in Show and National Specialty Winner.  USNMC / CNNMC / RBCSWO Champion with wins under many esteemed judges  such as Dr. Guido Vandoni, Christian Lafay, Antonio Di Lorenzo, Ann Marie Class and many more.

Ch. Latutela Cosmo  Venezuela and Columbia Champion He sired many Champions for us.

Ch.  B&V's Cassandra  had a wonderful show career with more than 30 Best in Shows and wins under great judges such as Micheal Palazzo,  Antonio di Lorenzo, Dr. Nicola Imbimbo,  Bas Bosch and many more. Winning 1st Canadian National Specialty under esteemed judge Dr. Richard Meen.

Ch. Gonfeizza Sabastian  USNMC Champion at the age of 11 months with his wonderful junior handler Danika Wilson.

Ch. Tibet Gyongye Greta   She is the mother of our Ch. Baby Blue's Andretti

Ch. Stonegate's Bronzino  was a USNMC Champion and co owned with David Zoni. Pictured here with Ch Boxcar's Acapella aged 6 months winning Best Puppy under judge Peter Montfort

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